Saturday, 19 November 2005

Tips and Ideas for Building Writing Skills and Confidence

  1. Learn from others. Find role models — people whose writing you like — and study their style. Read with intentionality. Notice what strikes you as good or bad writing.
  2. Writing anything is better than writing nothing. Practice makes less imperfect. Make every writing opportunity an opportunity to develop your writing skills.
  3. All good writing starts with the initial rough draft. Your first draft is just the starting point. Learn to trust yourself and the process.
  4. Don’t fall in love with your own words. Edit ruthlessly. Focus on tight writing. Become best friends with your delete key.
  5. Write like you speak. Eschew terminological obfuscation and fancy formality. Write in a conversational me-to-you tone.
  6. Let your subconscious do your writing for you. A great deal of writing happens when you are away from the keyboard. Write, put it away and then look at it later on with fresh eyes.
  7. When (not if) you get stuck, notice your writing “shoulds.” Acknowledge them and set them aside. Take a break then write an email about what you are stuck writing about.
  8. Find a setting that is conducive to writing. Use your favorite font. Play your favorite music. Find your favorite location. Use whatever approach works best for you
    not sure of the origin of the above - suffice to say that it wasn't my work