Sunday 28 March 2010

Low Carbon Construction - Innovation & Growth Team - Emerging Findings

....a couple of recent HMG reports to look at - links are in the titles


1. Executive Summary.
2. Introduction
3. Industry-Wide Issues
4. Major Projects
5. Housing
6. Non-Domestic Buildings
7. Distributed Energy
8. Infrastructure
9. 2050 Group
10. Future Work
11. Industry Engagement
12. Acknowledgements

Annexe A: A process map for market transformation
Annexe B: Summary of recommendations and propositions
Annexe C: Members of the IGT Steering Group and Working Groups

Strategy for National Infrastructure - March 2010

.......Infrastructure UK has three key objectives:

• enabling long term investment;• developing effective long term plans and priorities; and• improving delivery.

In the last five years an estimated £150 billion has been invested in the economic infrastructure
of the UK, predominantly by the private sector. The demand for investment in economic

infrastructure in the UK is expected to be in the range of £40-50 billion per annum until 2030,

and possibly beyond. This is significantly above historic levels.