Tuesday 12 January 2010

Peak Energy - Tapping source of power from oceans

Interesting blog covering range of topics including some tidal ideas - although loading on this tidal flow structure must be immense. 

Tidal Power - Woodshed Technologies Ltd, TGL and other links

Info mainly sourced from websites.......
CleanTechCom Limited is a Scottish registered company formed in 2006 by John Griffiths and Steve Hastings. This company is today wholly owned by Woodshed Technologies Limited.
They are involved in the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) Severn Embryonic Technologies Scheme (SETS) funded support into Severn Tidal Fence through the Severn Tidal Fence Consortium.

The STF Consortium is headed by IT Power. CleanTechCom has brought additional co-financing to the study, which is also supported by technical expertise from Marubeni (Europe), Metoc, NaREC, BMT Fleet Technology, Edinburgh University, and Sigma Offshore.