Wednesday 2 May 2007

Strategy and Values (26 April)

· Reminder that at the end of the day the shareholders will be expecting optimum performance from their capital

· Source of potential competitive advantage from Values is probably Innovation and Professional Delivery, but that from Innovation ultimately we need to be able to show we can increase margins

· That Boards/SMTs need to consider what they are adding to ownership of a particular business and are they the natural owners

· Market value of a company will be driven by sources of competitive advantage which will be mainly intangibles

· Low margin business model of construction doomed to fail in long run –as no slack

· Quality of earnings hierarchy in city eyes; low products/projects [tough], services [some annuity’ through to Intellectual Property

· If a business buy a huge amount of services/ materials you immediately would consider that company must be stunningly good at purchasing

· Emergent & Determinant forms of Strategy