Monday 24 October 2005

steer clear of the past lane

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This week: David Varney, HM Revenue & Customs executive chairman

Sunday 23 October 2005

what Mandela taught me

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Bryan Sanderson, chairman of Standard Chartered and Bupa
There are lots of lessons on people: most of all that they're the most important part of any organisation.

hear it through the grapevine

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Lord Kalms, life president of Dixon's Group
Knowledge is the most important thing that the boss has. He has to know everything that goes on in the business. He has to have an eye at the back of his head, be very sensitive, and be aware of everything that's happening.

if pain outweighs gain

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Dawn Airey, managing director of Sky Networks

build up a diverse team

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Paul Skinner, chairman of Rio Tinto
It was pretty late in my life as a business leader and manager that I began to realise just how important investing in people is.

real leaders show, not tell

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Senior international business figures have agreed to share their experience with Fifty Lessons. This week: Clive Mather, president and CEO of Shell Canada

change and you beat the rest

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Karan Bilimoria founder and CEO of Cobra Beer
Constant innovation is absolutely imperative because people are always going to copy what you're doing, and you can rarely stop that.