Saturday 27 September 2008

100 day plan - Share your dreams and let others help you with the interpretation! Confucius

Every company has tonnes and tonnes of data, but they are all asking the same questions. Information and knowledge are table stakes. Insight and foresight win.

In other words, don't ignore the spreadsheets and marketing studies but figure out ways to go beyond them. "We're all swamped in information. What we're looking for is ideas. We're trying to get to the future first."

'Fail Fast, Learn Fast, Fix Fast'
Success is inversely proportional to the time spent doing Strategic Planning. The further one gets from Head Office the more likely we are to have a 100 day planning process.
Feel like Family - Play like a Team - be Demanding & Caring

IDEAS - the Age of Ideas - Keep in Touch

Moving from Attention to Attraction Economy
Information > Knowledge > Interruption > Permission > Experience >>> ATTENTION
P&G soap adverts > Tesco / Carrfour > Customer (screen & mobile) in charge of decisions

Think through heart
- Power to People (consider Mary Quant's mini skirts - KR early job)

  • interruption >> Attraction
  • reaction >> interActive - having an influencing dialogue
  • marketing AT >> connecting with
  • RoI (investment) >> RoI (involvement)
  • Rational >> Emotional

embed 'Lovemarks' (nb Saatchi & Saatchi copyright the Lovemarks Co) - Evolving beyond Brands

  • Lovemarks - Loyalty beyond Reason
  • Owned by people
  • adding mystery, sensuality and intimacy
  • Irreplaceable moving to Irresistible
  • Consider axes of Love and Respect

  • Not transaction... having relationship

Go beyond Green - How sustainable are you really?, You'll be here tomorrow but your dreams may not.
environment >> environment + economy + society + culture
fear >> radical optimism
obligation >> opportunity
planet & consumers (who wants to be called a consumer?) >> people
global problems >> individual passion

full script of Institute of Director's annual convention speech

Power and the Passion

Kevin Roberts - CEO Saatchi and Saatchi

In an age where people can go from 'Hero to Zero' overnight, people can get Nobel Prizes for power point and we are burdened by loads of stifling and dysfunctional matrix management.

We need to be in the ACTION business
...and get focused on doing stuff...... it is time to act.

The role of business needs to be to make the world a better place, to have inclusive capitalism and be creators of self-esteem, to give hope, dreams and success a chance.

Professional vs Amateur Winners

Consider 'Winners never quit, quitters never win'

there is always a burden of expectation, drive created by an individual inspired by challenge, to outperform we may need to consider the skills in schools and types of leadership that will enable 'out performance'.

Miles Templeman, IoD Annual Convention, London. April 2008