Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Tidal Power - Woodshed Technologies Ltd, TGL and other links

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CleanTechCom Limited is a Scottish registered company formed in 2006 by John Griffiths and Steve Hastings. This company is today wholly owned by Woodshed Technologies Limited.
They are involved in the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) Severn Embryonic Technologies Scheme (SETS) funded support into Severn Tidal Fence through the Severn Tidal Fence Consortium.

The STF Consortium is headed by IT Power. CleanTechCom has brought additional co-financing to the study, which is also supported by technical expertise from Marubeni (Europe), Metoc, NaREC, BMT Fleet Technology, Edinburgh University, and Sigma Offshore.

"Woodshed Technologies Limited develops and commercialises "clean" innovations in and acquires and grows businesses in three critical industries, or human endeavours, that so greatly define the quality of humanity's ongoing day-to-day existence.
Modern humanity cannot get enough of it. Focusing on renewable energy sources and improving what exists in fossil fuel technologies. Energy conservation devices. Next generation thermal insulation.
Earth's most precious physical resource. Potable water stocks are under stress or unavailable. Water recycling, re-use, capture, storage and de-salination technologies.
Do it cleaner and better. Next generation technologies."

"Marine Current Turbines Limited - SeaGen is the name given to the 1.2MW tidal energy convertor that was installed in Strangford Lough in April 2008. Sea Generation Ltd is the project company which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Marine Current Turbines Ltd. SeaGen has been licensed for a maximum installed duration of 5 years.
Marine Current Turbines Ltd have been operating the 300kW Seaflow tidal energy system at Lynmouth, Devon since May 2003 and are recognised as being one of the worlds leading tidal energy system developers."
(pictured from Wiki Commons Commercial tidal stream generator — SeaGen — in Strangford Lough. The strong wake shows the power in the tidal current.)
Verdant Power - Kinetic Hydropower System (KHPS)
SETsquared Partnership
"SETsquared is a collaboration between the universities of Bath, Bristol, Southampton and Surrey which partners in enterprise activities and collectively supports the growth and success of new business opportunities through spin-outs, licensing and incubation. The Partnership also works with industry through research collaboration and consultancy."

Tidal Generation Limited (TGL)
"Tidal Generation Limited was set up in 2005 by a team that has been involved in the tidal energy industry since its inception. TGL's staff had key roles in the first successful UK tidal turbine project, led by IT Power Limited and installed in 2003.

TGL Activity
TGL has a five year technology development programme from prototype through to commercial product. Feasibility and concept design phases of our programme are complete and established that their technology has the potential for a significant cost advantage over most offshore marine renewables currently under development.

We are now working with project partners to complete the detailed design and install a 500kW machine at the European Marine Energy Centre in the Orkney Islands. Work has been supported by the South West Regional Development Agency, the Scottish Executive and the Technology Programme. Our project partners are Rolls-Royce plc, SLP Engineering Ltd, BAM Ritchies and Garrad Hassan & Partners Ltd."