Sunday 27 January 2008

A Strategy Director role

1. Purpose

to lead

1. the strategic planning and development of Any Company
o through the ongoing internal change programme and
o development of clear strategies for organic and non-organic growth,

- targeting growth towards £1bn plus by 2010, enhanced margins to an average PBT greater than 3%, and
- having a clear long term 5-10 year plan to reflect changing market conditions

2. the regular strategic review of the business and its markets including lead in
o assessment of acquisitions subsequently playing key roles in
i. due diligence
ii. final agreement
iii. integration activities
to create and generate
3. innovative customer solutions and generate sustainable, margin enhancing new market opportunities from current core capabilities

Cultural Change Programme
to support and assist

1. MDs to shift client relationships towards long term, mutually dependant, high-value business relationships
o through enhanced business development,
i. partner selection,
ii. market selection,
o process improvement and
o high impact operational support and coaching

2. the MD and HRD in raising the calibre of business leadership across the organisation including talent development

3. the MD in the ongoing implementation of process improvement and cultural change in Any Company, involving all
o functions and
o business units.

Process delivery
to create

o brand positioning, marketing,
o internal and external communications,
o business development and business improvement functions

o to create sustained growth, market leading positions in our chosen sectors and
o enhanced business reputation

2. Responsibilities:

1. Strategic planning
o acquisition planning and implementation

2. Business development
o Customer solutions
o Marketing and brand

3. Internal and external communications

4. Business improvement


3. Initial Objectives:

Strategic planning
Assess and critique the 2007 strategy submission and develop action plan,
o including assessment of potential new markets and actions to progress
· Monitor and manage our progress against our strategic projects.
· Support or lead the roll-out of our vision and strategy.
· Take ownership of the corporate scorecard.
· Lead the initial scoping and for cross group working in
o regeneration,
o property development and
o complex projects in common sectors (eg Rail, Nuclear)

Business development
· Recruit and/or develop high calibre BDM’s
o agree roles, targets and objectives and confirm meeting and reporting structure

· Support the MD’s in business development strategies for
o relatively new sectors (e.g. power generation, defence, airports, ports, Crossrail) and
o ongoing areas of targeted growth or market share defence (e.g. Rail, Renewables and Water)

· Assess existing customer relationships and identify continuous improvement opportunities
· Review current JV partners and any actions required to address future needs

· Embed and champion account management approach across BU’s
o assess BDM processes and agree a cross company business development plan

Internal and external communications
· Recruit or grow a high performing communications team who are
o proactive and
o recognised by the business units and sites as adding real value to their operational activities

· Develop an innovative and high impact PR and marketing plan
o Develop a detailed plan to raise the Any Company brand awareness,
§ utilising feedback and workshops held to date and facilitate company-wide engagement
o build upon existing plans to enhance external communications; e.g. web site, external literature, site branding etc
o Oversee the completion of a comprehensive library of
§ case studies,
§ pre-qualification materials and
§ other specific marketing literature, both operational and cultural
· Continue to support Cascade, roadshows and other internal communications events which have proved successful

Business improvement
· Lead the cost reduction programme.
o Set targets for efficiency savings and deliver in conjunction with EMT directors
· Chair business improvement forum
· Develop a business improvement plan for Any Company
o including assessment of specific new processes, in conjunction with process owners.
o Support the MD and *** in developing a best practice framework and implement processes and coaching to embed this into our culture
o Assess opportunities for specific performance improvement activities
· on live contracts with resulting client engagement

· Actively support the Values roll-out programme

· Work with *** to develop a company performance model and fully implement
o KPI’s and
o other performance and data requirements

· Assess our CSR strategy and
o support/coach current team to take a step change in our current culture, strategy and profile