Wednesday, 12 April 2006

Housing Prime Contract Charter

Defence Estates, on behalf of the Secretary of State for Defence, awarded the Housing Prime Contract to MODern Housing Solutions on 14th November 2005. In approaching the delivery of this contract in a spirit of partnering, and being committed to excellence in its delivery, Defence Estates and MODern Housing Solutions agree to adopt the following principles, which are enshrined in this Charter:

Our Service Families

We aspire to develop a best in class service, aimed at minimising breakdowns and optimising responsiveness to the occupants of Services Families Accommodation. In developing our relationship, we will measure all our activities against their potential to improve the service to our customers. We will confirm this alignment through regular surveys and consultation with representative bodies.

Health and Safety

We shall employ best safe working practice and adopt a Target Zero policy to accidents, incidents and occupational illness, as a means of ensuring that we provide a safe working environment for employees and customers alike.


We will actively collaborate in all aspects of the execution of the contract and we will share responsibility for the resolution of differences and issues in accordance with the procedures prescribed within the Housing Prime Contract. We jointly commit to developing a fully integrated delivery structure, aimed at eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy and optimising the efficiency of the maintenance of the SFA estate.


We will work together in mutual openness to promote trust, through eliminating any potential for fraud in our joint working. We agree to deal fairly, honestly, and openly at all times, in order to achieve quality of service, and value for money.


We agree to face up to potential difficulties, whether within our respective organisations or in our shared working relationship, and to seek resolution of such difficulties openly, speedily and objectively.

Exchange of Information and Mutual Assistance

We agree to share all information pertinent to the Housing Prime Contract and the maintenance of the MOD SFA, and to work together to ensure our information systems supply fit for purpose information. We agree to provide constructive assistance and mutual support in solving problems to the benefit of the specified objectives of the contract.

Continuous Improvement

We shall work together to identify areas for improvement and ensure that lessons learned are incorporated into joint working practices.

and we agree to share the following Vision:

Jointly to provide best in class housing maintenance for Service families.