Monday 20 June 2005

How mad are you?

from Independent article (26 April 05)
Knowing your mind
As a trait: cautious, observant
As a disorder: suspicious
Best: where caution and attention is rewarded
Worst: in jobs that require spontaneity
As a trait: independent, calm, a little bit cunning
As a disorder: manipulative, emotionally cold
Best: in self-motivating, high control jobs:
Worst: in jobs that require interpersonal skills
As a trait: sensitive, volatile, spontaneous and imaginative
As a disorder: prone to self-harm, changing moods
Best: in creative, non rigid environments
Worst: in threatening situations; the army, police
As a trait: adverturous, clever, ready to fight for his cause
As a disorder: agressive, lacking conscience
Best: in exciting, fast-paced environments
Worst: in jobs or relationships that require caring
As a trait: self-confident
As a disorder: arrogant, egotistical, greedy, uncaring
Best: in competitive, entrepreneurial environments
Worst: in jobs that require following orders
As a trait: stylish, fashionable
As a disorder: demanding, self-centred, vain, superficial
Best: in Ab Fab-style environments
Worst: in business-like environments
As a trait: reliable, reclusive
As a disorder: painfully self-conscious, suspicious
Best: in structured environments where there is a minimum of new experience
Worst: at public speaking, can be unpredictable
As a trait: faithful to partner
As a disorder: weak, insecure
Best: in secure environments where they can become close to others
Worst: in challenging environments, singles bars
Obsessive compulsive
As a trait: single-minded
As a disorder: inflexible
Best: in any ordered environment such as accountancy, admin, police
Worst: in chaotic environments which lack rules