Saturday, 5 March 2005

3 minute talk (...only three minutes for your speech - then use this aide memoire)

Using the following check-list you can do a three minute talk or speech on a any topic 

without any real preparation or notes

  • Go back in time 
  • History of
  • Types, uses
  • Cycles, Seasons & Patterns
  • Visual Picture
People often recommend only having three topics or themes as that is what most people can typically remember and
past, present and future are therefore the usual stalwart to frame a talk around - taking the above as a guide this can be far more imaginative. 
  • Past /go back in time, for example in the case of an apple, could be anything from Adam and Eve to your childhood or just last summer
Try it out with
  • apple
  • moon
  • potato
  • your best friend
  • you
  • your best-man or bridesmaid's speech
It is fascinating what you'll have to cut out of only three minutes